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Facebook Keyboard Shortcut keys

           Using keyboard shortcuts where ever possible is the most Efficient way of using a PC. Then why do you miss this in facebook? It is the No 2 ranking website after Google, as per alexa rankings.So be known of these facebook shortcuts. Moreover, it makes you look like a pro..

These are the facebook's own set of built-in keyboard shortcuts.

These are the Chrome keywords for facebook :

  • Alt+1 -Return you to Home
  • Alt+2 -To view the Wall of the profile
  • Alt+3 -To pull down the Friends Requests list in there
  • Alt+4 -To retrieve the Messages list of the profile
  • Alt+5 -To call out the Notification list of the profile
  • Alt+6 -Go to Account setting page
  • Alt+7 -Moves page to Account privacy configuration.
  • Alt+8 -Opens Facebook fans group page
  • Alt+9 -Skips to Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Alt+0 -Go to Facebook Help Center
  • Alt+m -To Create new message
  • Alt+? -To move Cursor in the Search Box

As the shortcuts are browser-specific you are adviced to refer the listing below for your specific browser:

  •  Google Chrome -Alt + #
  •  Internet Explorer -Alt + #  then press Enter
  •  Firefox : Shift -Alt + #
  •  Mac OS : Ctrl -Opt + #


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