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Top 10 Best Torrent Download Sites

Most people using various torrent sites for download to the files.but some sites give fake files and virus to today i'm going to tell you what is the best sites for download to the files in is Top 10 Best Torrent Download Sites.

1. The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay is probably the internet’s best known BitTorrent brand on the Internet. The site was founded in 2003 and is still expanding, despite the immense legal witch hunt launched by the entertainment industries several years ago.

 2. Torrentz 

           Torrentz has been the leading BitTorrent meta-search engine for years. The site traded in its .COM domain and switched to .EU, but this didn’t affect the site’s traffic. This is one of the top places for latest torrents and has tons of downloads each day.

3. Iso Hunt 

           Last year was a tough one for isoHunt, as it became the first search engine that had to implement a keyword filter provided by the MPAA. Despite this setback, isoHunt is still the third largest torrent site in terms of traffic. In 2011, isoHunt hopes to get rid of the filter through the Appeals Court.

            ExtraTorrent is one of those robust torrent indexes that don’t make the news very often. In 2010 it continued to expand and the site gained two spots compared to last year. This website recently overtook Demonoid in terms of number of visits, an interesting statistic.

5. Demonoid 

            The impossible happened. Demonoid finished 2010 with only a minimal amount of downtime, compared to weeks or months in previous years. A few weeks ago the site announced that it would move from the familiar .COM to a .ME domain in response to the news about US domain seizures.

            TorrentDownloads is in the same league as ExtraTorrent, a no nonsense torrent index that provides torrents to millions of users each month.

            TorrentReactor fooled most of the tech press last year when it announced that it had bought a Russian town, one of the better PR stunts seen in 2010. On the flipside TorrentReactor seems to have lost some traffic due to a Google penalty, dropping the site to 9th place this year.

           Sumo torrent, founded in 2007, is a Bittorrent search engine and directory. Sumo torrent is one of the most fastest growing torrent directory network, with a tremendous increase in its number of visitors and downloads.

            LimeTorrents is the best newcomer of 2010 in terms of traffic, which promises a lot for the new year. The site went live half a year ago and already made it into the top 10 in this short period. It’s also a bit ironic as ‘Limewire’ got shutdown a few months ago.

KickassTorrents was the fastest growing newcomer of last year, and managed to continue this upward trend throughout 2010. The site released many new features and continues to innovate, still without a single banner ad on the site.


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