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Increase Torrent Speed Using ThunderMod

        Today i'm going to tell you,how to increase your torrent speed using "ThunderMod".ThunderMod is best software for increase torrent speed.

Most of the ISP’s in country provide a controlled downloading for BitTorrent clients. To bypass this problem you have to do the following solution : The solution is simple, if you cant beat it, bypass it. No ISP would throttle HTTP traffic, and hence this method is invincible for 99.9% ISPs (I haven’t see any ISP bypassing this).

 Download and Unzip Thunder Mod (aka Xunlei, credits hehehunter) and make it your default BitTorrent client. That’s all you need to do. With default settings, it uses TCP port 80 fora ll your Torrent, HTTP, eDonkey downloads. Your torrents will not just no longer be throttled, but also way faster than it used to be over Random TCP/UDP ports.


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