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Change Your Desktop As a 3D (Shock Desktop 3D)

You can change your default desktop style with "Shock Desktop 3D" software.

Shock Desktop 3D is a tool that transforms your desktop into a 3D environment, where the icons are cubes that you can move however you like. The three dimensional effect creates a bigger sensation of amplitude to our desktop and, what's more, you can pass some time changing the position of each of the cubes that represent the icons.

This application has a series of simple configurations so that you can design your desktop in 3D however you like:

- Change the size of the icons.
- Change the shape of the icons (counters or cubes).
- Modify the colors of the background and the shadows.
- Adjust the speed at which the 3D elements move.

When you have Shock Desktop 3D installed you won't be able to stop throwing the icons of your desktop to see inertia with which they move, pile all of them in various ways or hit one icon with the other. This application will convert your desktop into a working area with a sensation of width that will surely forget about the one you used to use..

Try Shock Desktop 3D and manage to get a three dimensional desktop that as well as creating a nice work environment will entertain you.

Requirements: This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.

Note: It only works with video cards that are compatible with three dimensional acceleration.


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