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Change Windows Deafult Sound

Are you bored of the windows' default sounds such as sound at windows startup and shutdown? Do you wish a change in it? Do you want to set your favourite tones or replace existing with new one? Yes, you can change it without harming your system. In this post I will help you change your windows' default sounds.
You can personalize the sounds that your computer makes when different tasks happen, such as when you turn on your computer or when you receive an email or an instant message.To obtain sounds, you can search the web for sound clips from your favorite songs, TV shows, and movies, and then download the clips to your computer. If you want to record your own sound clips, copy sound clips from a CD or DVD, or save anything else you can hear through your computer speakers, you can use Sound Recorder, a basic sound program that comes with Windows XP.
Sounds have to be in the .wav format; you can't use .mp3 or .wma sounds. Once you've downloaded or recorded some sounds, you can set them up to play in Windows.
How To Change Default Sounds in Windows 7
Open Sound by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type sound, and then click Sound. 
To change one sound, click the Sounds tab, and then, in theProgram Events list, click the event that you want to assign a new sound for. 
In the Sounds list, click the sound that you want to associate with the event, and then click OK. 
If the sound you want to use isn't listed, click Browse to locate it. 
To change more than one sound, follow the steps above, but clickApply after clicking each sound, until you've made all the changes you want, and then click OK.
Log on to your computer as an administrator. Click Start, and then clickControl Panel. 
Click Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices. 
Click Change the sound scheme. The Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices Properties dialog box appears. 
In the Program events list, click an event. Then, click the Play button to listen to the sound currently assigned to the event. 
To change the sound, click the Sounds list down arrow, and select a different system sound. To choose a sound that you have downloaded or recorded, click the Browse button, select the sound, and then click OK. Click the Play button again to preview the sound. 
When you are satisfied with your sounds, click Save As. 
In the Save Scheme As dialog box, type a name for your scheme, and then click OK. 
In the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties dialog box, click OK


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