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How to Get Back The Old Facebook Chat Style in Google Chrome?

Facebook, the most significant social media website up-to-date lots of functions such as video calling now that transformed it's chat elements while Sidebar chat, however its extremely frustrating a persons. All of us can ’not view which are on-line, it'll simply display each of our couple of friends that are we all socialise many, it will likely be the majority of annoying 1 regarding who've much more amount of buddies. It's truly easy plug in you need to put in within your Google Chrome(also Mazilla,firefox , opera) to obtain your own Old Facebook chat style. Lets look at how to build back again our favoured Facebook chat style.

Open Google Chrome Click on " Settings " icon (on Top Right Side)

Click on " Tools "

Click on " Extensions "

Click "  Browse the Gallery  "

Search " Fb Chat Sidebar Disable " and Click " Add To Chrome "

Then Click " Add "

Installation Complete ..... Restart Firefox & Log in Your Facebook Account & See Result.


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