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Registry Booster 2012 with Serial Key

RegistryBooster is an excellent registry tool aimed at keeping your Windows registry in perfect shape at all times. It will keep an eye on your registry and will let you know - by performing periodic scans - which entries require your attention, be it because they are obsolete or corrupt, or because they are considered to be harmful to your system.

RegistryBooster's surveillance activity can be easily scheduled - you can set the frequency at which the program will check your registry, so that you can have your registry reports updated every day, week, month, etc. The errors found during the scan are shown classified in three categories - system related errors (affecting all users), user related errors (specific to your account), and third-party related errors (those affecting applications installed on your computer). You can choose to fix all errors or only those related to a specific category. Alternatively, you can send specific errors to your "Ignore list", so that the program can skip them when performing its fixing tasks.

The program produces logs of all the activity monitored and all the fixing tasks performed. Besides, if anything does not go as planned or if you are not happy with the results, you can always restore your registry to its previous state or to the state it was before running other fixing tasks in the past. This is so because RegistryBooster automatically backs up your registry before performing any changes, keeping an extremely useful history of all previous backups. As a bonus, RegistryBooster can also defragment your Windows registry, making it more compact and faster to access.



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