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Download Free Angry Birds Space for Windows XP and 7 PC’s

Angry Birds is one of the most loved games present on the web. Rovio has made this game and officially announced that you can Download Free Angry Birds Space for Windows XP and 7 PC’s. It has already proven itself after selling more than 12 million game copies across the globe. Although the game was released December 2009 but it got so good whooping response from the public that today everyone knows about it. Angry Birds was first made available for the iOS users but later they extended their service to operating systems like Windows, Android, WebOS etc. Angry Birds has released out the latest version of this game out, and it’s being dubbed as Angry Birds Space. Angry Birds Space has got amazing features like brand new birds, zero-gravity, planets, moons, hidden bonus levels, magnanimous background etc but the bottom line is it has got even more physics-centric! Let’s see how to get this awesome game free for Windows XP or Windows 7.

The Story Line of the Game:
This time Angry birds becomes much more angry because their eggs was stolen by Dirty Pigs. In order to save their eggs angry birds enters into the space with the help of wormhole and fight with pigs in space.


Well here you will know how to play new Angry Birds Space Game in your PC, Android or iPhone. It was entire new battle field for angry birds and you can know more about here. When you shoot a bird it will go in straight direction whenever it enters into gravitational field then the angry bird will be get new effect called trajectory. By using this trajectory you can kill all the pigs with one shot.
New features:
60 interesting levels with excellent space environment

Graphics was well optimized and improve the Physics Detail which you really feel that it was real space and you can know how the objects will move on space

New Angry Birds with Super Powers

Added Hidden Bonus Levels

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