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Tips To protect Facebook ID

5 Tips to protect your Facebook account from hackers:
1. High security Enable Facebook

Go to Facebook "Account Settings-> Security Settings". here

Enter your "security question" and answer.

'Secure Browser' Enable to use a secure connection to Facebook.

Enable 'Logon Notification' to tell you if someone logons on your FB account.

2.Beware of Facebook look like websites or phishing sites

Always check the URL in the address bar of the browser before logging into Facebook. You do not want your username and password to land at some hackers net.

3. Do not share your password with anyone Facebook (Absolutely).

It's obvious, is not it? If you can not keep Facebook password yourself, how can you expect someone else to do the same.

4. Do not respond to any suspicious or Link application on Facebook.

Allow any questionable application to access your Facebook account, or click any link tempting, but suspect on the wall or on Facebook Facebook News blog is a sure way to get your Facebook account hacked or spammed.

Each Facebook application asks for your permission to access your Facebook profile data during installation. If you have questions about the intention Apps or just ignore approach. Also, avoid test new applications without having to learn about them from trusted resources.

5. Avoid clicking on Facebook "Like" everywhere on the Internet.

Do not click 'Like' button on websites especially suspicious or unreliable. An innocent looking "Like" button can be a rogue link to access your Facebook data without your permission or knowled.


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