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Factors to Measure Website's Success

Many factors have an impact on your website's level of success, including its web design, promotional methods and content. After putting a great deal of effort into these components of your website, it's a good idea to find reliable ways to measure its success. With so many different statistics to look at, this often proves complicated. Here are some factors to consider:


One common measure for all websites is the amount of traffic they receive. It is the main key point for the success of any website or blog. You can make your site or blog popular by submitting it to search engines or web directories. So that when any one wants to search the thing that is on your site will be shown to him in search Engines.

Unique Visitors

Unique visitors are those visitors who visit directly or through any search engine to find relevant thing on your site. They visit rare but are important have important role in success of any site or blog.


For a business pageview is an important key metric that makes money from advertising. Mostly the advertisers buy ads based on an impression of any web or blog it has which means that they pay for the number of times ad viewed.  If you have a large amount of daily pageviews or impressions it does not affect how many unique visitors you have.

Referring Sites

Another great indicator for the success of a website or blog is referring sites. This is a great indicator of the success of your PR and promotions. More newsworthy will be you when you have more people to hear about you and the links that drive the traffic to your blog or site.


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