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Delicious - Emily's Childhood Memories

Delicious - Emily's Childhood Memories

Do you remember yourself being a child? Emily from the game Delicious - Emily's Childhood Memories does. But not everything. That's why she is coming to her parents' house to recollect everything that she holds dearest of all. As soon as she approaches her house she notices the sign "For Sale" and her parents ready to leave. Soon Emily and her parents start recalling the memories of the past since the time they moved to this house. At that time Emily wished to get a new dolly instead of the lost one but her mother and father couldn't afford even more expenses so they tried to involve the small girl in the restaurant's life. Oh yes, they opened a small café in a farm to have some profit and pay the loan. At first Emily in the game Delicious - Emily's Childhood Memories just watches what her father is doing but soon she learns how to collect the hen's eggs and clean the tables. During the game you also have to fulfill some additional tasks completing which you unlock the camera and let Emily put a new photo into the album. What a precious memory it is! However, your main task in the game is to serve all the clients as quickly as you can and possibly in a row to earn even more bonus money for this. The game Delicious - Emily's Childhood Memories is as delicate as the daisies that you are to collect during one of the levels. It is done with care and reveals your own childhood memories which feel your heart with warmth and love.


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