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Worm Detector

Worm Detector is a new handy antivirus tool for Outlook 2000 and XP to fight against internet mail worms and spam. Everybody is aware of worldwide epidemics of such worms as "ILoveYou", "SirCam", "Klez" and everybody knows what a significant damage can be caused by such viruses: data loss, network lags, mailboxes crashing etc. Worm Detector is the antivirus defense tool for preliminary detecting and killing of such viruses.
Antivirus defense is based on integration into the MS Outlook 2000/XP and interactive scaning of all incoming e-mails. On finding infections, the program locks the suspicious e-mail and suggests you delete it to avoid infecting of your computer. Messages' scaning is produced by the constantly updating virus base and all base updates are absolutely free. In addition Worm Detector has built-in algorithms performing detection of the latest worms not yet added to virus base. And in addition to worm scaning, Worm Detector has the powerful possibilities to fight against spam such as spam recognition on standard subjects and creation of special narrow specified anti spam filters.
Due to high integration with MS Outlook 2000 and XP, work with Worm Detector is very handy and easy. Worm Detector combines easy usage, friendly user-interface and low cost registration with a powerful system of finding and killing worms. Be protected from worms - use Worm Detector!


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