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Youda Farmer

Youda Farmer 

Welcome to the game Youda Farmer! It will definitely make you realize that cooperation is the key to success. Now it's time to establish a mutually profitable partnership with the butcher and with the grocer as well as with the baker and start supplying them with whatever they need. For this you need to become a universal farmer who is able to grow vegetable and fruits, to take care of cattle, to breed hens and chickens, to gather eggs, and even to fish! Are you ready to become a universal multitasking farmer? If yes then download Youda Farmer and get started right away! It's time to become a super person! First and foremost, choose the gender of the character you are going to play for and select the color of your truck. What you need to do is to collect the products on your farm, put them in your truck and deliver to the village nearby. To pick some product just click and drag it to a crate. Complete all the farming duties but don't forget to upgrade your farm regularly. In accordance with the number of credits you manage to get from your partners you can purchase a compost grinder to speed up tomato productivity, a food processor to speed up productivity of eggs, a harvesting machine or a bigger and faster truck to deliver products without a delay. You can add a chicken coop or a pig stable to make your household more equipped. There are many ways to get upgraded. Your farm occupies a great patch of land so refer to the map to be able to keep the whole farm under your control. Download Youda Farmer and enjoy!


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