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Mobile Phones Can Cause High Blood Pressure

An Important Research about MobilePhones.

Talking on a mobile phone causes systolic blood pressure, the higher number in a blood pressure reading and the number doctors pay more attention to as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, to rise significantly, a study has found. Researchers from the Guglielmo da Saliceto Hospital in Piacenza, Italy, took 12 blood pressure readings  at one-minute intervals from 94 patients with mild hypertension. The patients' mean age was 53, Khaleej Times reported. Patients were seated in a comfortable armchair in a doctor's consulting room and left alone after the first blood pressure reading was taking using an automatic device. Researchers phoned the patients at least three times and found that when the patient as on the phone or receiving a call, their blood pressure reading jumped from 121/77 on average to 129/82. The American Heart Association say less than 120/80 is a healthy reading for adults age 20 and older. During the blood pressure study, neither diastolic blood pressure - the lower number  in a blood pressure reading, which is a measure of the force of blood in the arteries when the heart relaxes between beats-nor heart rate increased significantly when patients received  a call. Oddly,

though, the researchers found that patients who got more than 30 calls a day seemed to have developed a form of immunity to the blood pressure spikes seen in the study. Beta blockers also seemed to help stave off blood pressure spikes. The researcher concluded that  phone calls received when a midlly hypertensive patient is having a blood pressure reading could cause syslotic pressure to spike, and advised that they turn off their phone, at least for a duration of blood pressure test.


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