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Oracle Cloud

SaaS business applications can free up funds to invest in other more strategic areas, while users continue to enjoy the latest., fully functional and secure business application.

Oracle's subscription pricing model allows more flexibility than traditional approaches;. The intuitive, feature-rich application's easy to use and tailored for the type of roles users perform across the entire business process. Customers can choose to our local data centers, in Asia Pacific. These data centers, use Oracle Engineered Systems which offer high performance, reliable, elastic and secure infrastructure for running business critical applications and various kinds of workloads. That means customers can minimize the costs of buying and managing all the underlying software and hardware infrastructure and allocate more budget for innovating the business.

SaaS unlocks the potential of Cloud

While everyone might be talking about clouds, is is clear that not all clouds are created equal. Or, more precisely, not every kind of cloud is right for every business.
However, when it comes to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), one thing is certain. Oracle can help any business embarking on a cloud initiative reap the promising business and IT benefits.

Growing the innovation budget

One thing that appeals to everyone, not just the CFO, is reallocation some of the 80% of IT spend that is used to keep the lights on - just running and maintaining systems - and moving it towards innovation projects.


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