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Unisntall All Unnecessary Programs In One Click

Decrap is a freeware, lightweight and easy to use tool that lets you safely remove crapware and bloatware, or any software, from your Windows PC.

When we buy installed PC and Laptops then so many unnecessary programs were installed manualy. Most of the software is unnecessary for us. Now we delete these softwares one by one it is a time consuming work. The same method we apply old sytems to remove or delet extra files.
But "Decrap" Software this is best solution for that. With the help of this software you can delete or remove any unnecessary files or softwares or games or plugins in one click. This software is completely delete software and no files were remain in system and also delete registry and other files.

License: Free
Platform: Windows XP, 7 and 8.
File Size 5.36MB
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