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How to play Mobile Games On your Computer

Some people like to play java games on Mobile phones.These java games can be played on any java supporting handsets, only thing that has to be taken care is the screen resolution that your handset supports.

Playing java mobile games on computer is very easy and before moving on you will need a Java environment emulator on your PC.
KEmulator is a free and easy to use emulator for this purpose.

How to use KEmulator :

KEmulator has a simple user interface and needs no installation as it comes as a portable application. Before you can use this application you need to store the java games you want to play on your hard disk. If you wish to download latest mobile java games, Mobile 9 ,Zedge is my personal favorite.

Once you are ready with the games, open the emulator with the KEmulator .exe file present in the downloaded folder. Once the application is running, load the .jar (java game file) into it. This can be done by clicking on “Midlet” then “Load jar“.

Once the game is loaded, you will get a screen of that resolution and the game can be played. Its bit obvious that the key layout of a mobile handset will be different. So you need to map your keyboard keys to perform actions of mobile keys.

It is easy to understand and map keys. To bring up this option you have to go to “View” then “Options“. The option windows consists of many configurations compiled in tabs. The second tab “Key Map” allows you to select custom keyboard keys for mobile keys.

Once keys are set you can play .jar games smoothly. This emulator also allows you to pause/restart and record games.

Like games you can also try various java utilities with this emulator. Simple applications will work but applications which require hardware access permissions will simply fail to run when you are about to perform any task!

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