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Mobile Secret Codes

1. Deactivate receive calls
 Type **21*999999#, then press the green answering key. If someone is to call you, he / she will hear ‘the number you dialed does not exist’, isn’t it cool? To disable this feature, type ##21#, then press the answering key again, and everything will be normal.
2. Get your keys locked in your car and get a remote control at home?
 Call home and tell anyone to press the unlock button and keep your mobile phone 1 foot away from the car, this really works. 
3. Battery is going dead (Increase Battery Life)
Type *3370# and your cell phone is going to restart, and you can expect to see an increase of 50% in battery life level, now you can make any emergency calls. This only works for Nokia cell phones.

4. Get your mobile phone lost or stolen? 
Type *#06# and you will get your IMEI number, tell your service provider this number and they can block it. You will note get your cell phone back, but it will be useless even if the SIM card is changed.

 Now you can spy on anyone using your cell phone. Just do the following.
  1. Activate the "Automatic Answer" in the headset profile of your cell phone and set the ringing volume to "Mute"
  2. Short-circuit the left middle and right pins on the bottom of the mobile phone with all connections touching each other this will activate profile "Headset".
    If you cant do this just keep your earphone connected to mobile.
  3. Now place it under a table in a room and call it. Now you can use your phone for checking out what people are talking about in a room. Just call on your phone.
  4. The phone receives the call without ringing and you can listen to what people are saying.


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